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A popular shul for both families and singles

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We are located in the heart of Oak Park, Michigan


Dovid ben Nuchim - Aish Kodesh

Dovid Ben Nuchem – Aish Kodesh is an Orthodox shul (synagogue), in Oak Park, Michigan, where Torah observance and study are vibrant, relevant, and meaningful – today. We promote Torah which permeates every part of our existence, and is consistent with all that we do.

Daily minyanim, Torah classes on a wide variety of topics for people on every level of learning, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, make DBN a popular shul for both families and single adults in the greater Detroit area.

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About Our Shul

Cogregation Dovid ben Nuchim – Aish Kodesh, was founded by Rav Chazkel Grubner, of blessed memory.

Over the years, the shul has grown to be a place that is attractive to all Jews regardless of their background, affiliation or life experience. On any given day at the Shul, you will find a warm and accepting spiritual atmosphere where “Ivdu Es Hashem B’Simcha” – Serving Hashem with Joy – is the core focus.


Help Us To Help Others

Dovid ben Nuchim offers a wide-range of programming, classes and events. Please support our diverse and popular offerings.

If you would like to make your contribution in memory or honor of a loved one, please include their name and reason for sponsorship.

Donations may also be sent via regular mail to:
Dovid ben Nuchim
14800 W. Lincoln Road
Oak Park, MI 48237

We continue to rely on the contributions of our members in ensuring our varied and exciting programs and we thank you for your continued support!

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Meet Our Rabbi

Ari Kostelitz

Rabbi Ari Kostelitz was raised in Sydney, Australia where he attended Yeshiva College before moving to Bnai Brak to attend High School at the Chasam Sofer Yeshiva. In 1992, he came to Lakewood, New Jersey to attend Beis Medresh Gevohah, the hallowed Lakewood Yeshiva; during which time he met his wife, Toby. Together they moved back to Israel in 1994. Rabbi Kostilitz was given Smicha by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, shlit”a, of Baltimore and the Beis Din of Jerusalem.

He continued his studies in Mir Yeshiva and honed his skills by teaching adult learners at Yeshivat Ohr Somayach.

In 2005, Rabbi Kostelitz moved to Oak Park to assist his wife’s esteemed grandfather, Rav Chazkel Grubner z’l. He assumed the role of spiritual leader of Congregation Dovid Ben Nuchim – Aish Kodesh after Rav Grubner’s passing.

Rabbi Kostelitz has dedicated immeasurable amounts of time and energy to the Detroit Jewish Community and is regularly called upon my rabbonim, community leaders and baal habatim to aid those in need of charity, counsel and inspiration.


Our Shiurim & Programs

We offer a wife range of programs and Shuirium for people of all levels.

Join us every morning at 6:15am for a Shiur on the daily Talmud study.

Come Join us every Thursday at 8pm in the Shul.

Come Join us every Wednesday, 8pm in the Shul.

Join us for Yom Tov Programs and many other events.

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Congregation Dovid ben Nuchim
14800 W. Lincoln Ave.
Oak Park, MI 48237

Rabbi Ari Kostelitz
(248) 569-0192

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